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April 18th, 2005

1:00 AM


well the following may be too much info, so you are warned.....


have i told ya'll how much i just LOVE my birth control ring thing?  I LOVE IT!!!!!  i mean the taking it out and putting it in sucks, and it REALLY sucks that my insurance doesn't cover it, but OH MY, it is definitely worth $37 a month!!!!!!!

i don't know how you gals are, but when i was on my period, even on the regular pill i would HAVE to wear those super PLUS tampons.  i would also have to change them a bazillion times, usually way before the 2 hour mark.  that would last the WHOLE 7 DAYS!!!!!  it was terrible! 

guess what now??  i wear the REGULARS!!!!!  and i may bleed for 5 days, usually not much the first day, and not much towards the end.  it is HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  she even told me that if i wanted that when the month was up after removing the old one, i could go ahead and put a new one back in and NOT HAVE A PERIOD AT ALL!!!!!  usually you wait a week before putting in a new one, that's when you have your period.  i heard a while back you could do that with your pills, but i never did.  i never did with this either.  i figure i don't bleed much anyways, so i better not mess with nature too much.

i love, love, love me some nuva ring!!!!!!


know what i hate, hate, hate?  SOAP!  i hate it!  hand soap that is.  i cannot find a kind that does not dry out my hands.  i would really love to strangle that lady who did the palmolive dish soap commercial.  oh so gentle on your hands you can soak in it (cut to a shot of a woman soaking her hands in the dish soap).  just let me say BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  that shit eats up my hands just as bad as any other dish soap.  and NO i haven't tried that dawn or whatever that supposedly has some lotion or mosturizers in it.  but even the damn hand soap i have in the bathroom.  right now my hands are dry and tight as hell!!!  i hate it!  i guess i could always wear gloves, but from working i have had my hands in those damn gloves so much, i can't stand it anymore.  my hands get clausterphobia.  it just icks me out.


clay got his surprise today.  it wasn't what i wanted though.  they only way you could get it was online, which again i call BULLSHIT, and will be writing toys r us and little tikes.  who the hell in their right mind is going to pay $200+ shipping on something that is already $500?!?!?!?!?  not this gal!  i love my son and spoil him to death, but not that way!!

they didn't even have my 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice.  none actually, so we settled on the coolest thing they did have.  it was sort of rough putting it together, it was worse actually securing it to the top of my jeep!!!!  clay seemed to like it though.  by the time we got home, got dinner, then put it together it was after 7, so he didn't have much time on it before bedtime.  i'm so excited for tomorrow!!!!!  i'm sure he will go play with the boxes from it more than the actual thing itself, but you know how that is!  oh and i did get this, free with my purchase, so that is sort of cool.  it is HUGE!  it took up the whole back seat of my jeep!

i watched collateral this weekend, notice i said I, bob was out about 5 minutes into it.  it was ok.  i think jamie foxx was nominated for soem damn award for his part, but i don't know why.  i mean he was good at it, but it wasn't all that great.  it was just an ok movie, and as much as i HATE tom cruise, it was sort of cool seeing him play the bad guy, but that's it.

we still have spongebob the movie and the 2nd bourne whatever movie to watch.  bob is dragging his feet on the first one, and i want to get the 1st bourne whatever before we watch the 2nd.  so we have had these movies forever!  speaking of which, let me head to my mail for a second....brb....i got this from blockbuster the other day and thought i would pass iton to anyone who wanted to try it:

Hello Jennifer,

We're making it easier than ever for you to share the convenience of BLOCKBUSTER Onlineā„¢ with others. For a limited time, you can treat your friends and family to one FREE MONTH of service!

Pass along the special Promotional Code word "friends" to anyone you wish.

When they visit
www.blockbuster.com, sign up for membership and enter the word "friends" into the Promotional Code field, they will receive their first month of service FREE.

still not as great as netflix, but it is cheaper and the delievery IS getting better.  and since you get 2 free in-store rentals a month, it sort of makes up for their slow-ness.


still haven't heard back on our offer for the house yet, i know they aren't going to accept it.....but still not ready to show our house either.  bob got most of the painting done outside.  we are really going to kick butt this week.  i just want to get the bidding war started to see if they even go for what the top price we are willing to pay.  that way i can either get my mind set on that house (if we sell ours) or get over it and start looking for another.

oh well.......it's past my bedtime again, so i'm out of here.  hope you all had a good weekend.

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October 28th, 2004

1:42 AM

Lunar Eclipse

my eclipse picture are HERE
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October 27th, 2004

1:57 AM

Fuckin' Blogger!!

ok, i don't know how his is going to turn out....blogger is up to its usual par, and i cannot access any sitesm or even my own to add an entry......so, i am typing it on notepad, so i can do the old copy and paste when its gets back up running.

i didn't tell you all about the cable situation friday did i?  well i did get my new box.  unfortunately i got a damn subcontractor....now i have nothing against subs, i am one myself sometimes, but for some reason the subs that warner cable hires sucks!!!!!  almost every sub i have delt with i had to all someone else back out to fix the same problem!!!  and it never gets fixed until an actual warner cable rep comes and does the job right!

anyways i get this goof.  i knew he was a goof right away, when my son immediately ran up to him and was "talking" and what not to him and the guy just basically ignored him!!!!!  then he ws down doing something and my son is standing there starng at the guy, waiting for, WANTING some sort of acknoledgement from the goof, and he just IGNORED him!!!!  what the hell?!?!?!  apparently this man has no kids, or if he does, i feel sorry for them!

then he stepped on him!!!  i mean it kind of was clay's own fault, he kept grabbing at stuff and getting in the way.  after a few seconds of him crying and the guy did say, "sorry buddy".  i was shocked!

anyways, he had to call the office a few times to get everything working.  and he mentioned that he only gets $10 for this call, and it isn't bad when he is in and out, but when it takes this long, it isn't worth it.......oh well for you!!!!  so then i asked him how i would use my vcr since the set up with the box was totally different than before.  he said i needed something, i don't know, and that he would get it blah, blah........well, i forgot and either he did too, or wanted to get his $10 and leave, so i couldn't get the vcr to work.

so i attempted to call the cable company back that night, but lately when you call these fuckers, it is at LEAST a 20 minute wait.  who the hell else calls these bastards at 3am besides me?!?!  you would think that at that time of night all the normal cable watchers are asleep!  nope!!  i waited for a bit and then i got pissed and hung up.  so i called back sunday.  and i waited, and even dosed off.  i kid you not i called at 11:16 pm, when i got off the phone, which only took 2 minutes when i talked to someone, it was after midnight!!!!

the broad that i talked to had the nerve to ask why i needed my vcr since i had a dvr box.  i was like well, what if i want to watch a vcr tape?!  i can't even access my vcr.  and what if i want to tape something to an actual tape, to keep?!?!  so i got my appointment for wednesday 4-6.

a little after 7 tonight i get a call from them, wanting to come out tonight.  fine with me!  you all know the big walmart opening is tomorrow, so i didn't want to wait for the damn cable people!  i gotta go get my shop on!!  so she gets here a little after 7:30.

it is funny, it was the same lady that was here once when i was pregnant.  i remember cause she was kind of weird and very talkative.  she sat down to check out all the connections and  clay was right on her!!!  and she was giving him her watch, her sunglasses, her pen.  they bonded instantly!!!!!  he was lovin on her!  then we all watched the rest of jeopardy, before she started messing with everything.  you know we have to see if ken keeps on winning, i think it is getting close to when the RUMOUR said he is supposed to lose.**

so she starts messing with stuff.  not working....we tried a bunch of different stuff.  nope!  so she called the office, and they send some other guy out.  they are doing stuff...nothing.  oh i forgot to mention that BOTH of them at one point asked why i needed my vcr with a dvr box.  what the hell?!?!?!  am i the only person left who uses their vcr?!?!

finally they got the cable hooked up through the vcr, but i only get basic cable through that.  so that is all i can tape on there.  most of the features of the dvr box, aren't even functional yet.  the HD dvr's are new so they are still in the midst of getting everything up and running for them.  so they finally left here at 10 after 9.  i kid you not!!!  2 hours!!!  but at least i can use my vcr.  so now i can tape 3 things at one time and watch another, so  i should be set on the tv viewing dilemma's that i have had lately.

tv sure sucks on tuesdays!!  i missed biggest loser, since the cable people were messing with everything.  so i missed who was booted.  i saw a lot of people didn't lose as much as they did last week.  well duh!!  they were so sad!  and the guy that gained 3 pounds!  what they don't realize is that they may be gaining muscle, which weighs more than fat, so that may be part of it.  plus most of the ton of weight they lost last week, was probably mostly water weight.  losing 20 pounds in one week, just isn't normal, or expected every week!!!

OMG!!!  did you all watch the swan?!?!  talk about some make overs!!!  my goodness!!!!  my hubby is just in love with the lady who was burned.  she is very, very pretty.  the prettiest of any, past or present so far.  i'm happy for her!  there is just NO way that i would be able to be away from clay for 3 months.  i would really go insane!!!!!!!!!!!  i don't care how much weight i would lose, or how pretty i would look.  i just couldn't do it!  nothing is worth that to me!

so does anyone watch dog the bounty hunter .  that show is just a trip!!!!   dog's wife gets on my last nerve though!!  i do not know how that man stays with her!  UGH.     she did seem nice and normal when she was talking to that kids boss at taco bell.  but the way she dresses, i would never be able to take that woman seriously!!  you all should check it out.  it is pretty funny, plus you get the whole cops feel out of it as well.

**about ken jennings, i am going to be sad when he loses.  hell, knowing me, i'll probably cry!!  at this point i don't even want to watch it if he isn't on there.  did you know that he is only 30!!  he is younger than me!  it just amazes me how smart he is.  i mean older people have lived through more and had more time to gain knowledge.....this guy just knows everything!!!  AMAZING!!  GO KEN!!

well, i don't know what else to talk about, and i still can't access blogger.  if i wasn't so lazy i would seriously switch to a new blogging site.  speaking of which, i think i put this entry on my site i set up on bravenet and then just link back to that so you all can read it.

see ya!

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June 8th, 2004

2:10 AM

My Movie Reveiws

i also set up a Movie Review/Rating journal

check it out HERE!

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June 8th, 2004

1:30 AM

Check out my radio station.

i set up my own radio station at launch.........come and listen!!!

My Radio Station

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May 13th, 2004

3:48 AM

Fruits of my Labor

i just updated my primary blog.  used a new template and all that good stuff....you can check it out here.

go take a peek!! 

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May 4th, 2004

12:54 AM

My exsisting Blog

here is my blog for the time being, i still haven't decided if i am going to switch or not....


My exciting Life........

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May 4th, 2004

12:53 AM

My exsisting Blog

here is my blog for the time being, i still haven't decided if i am going to switch or not....


My exciting Life........

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